Sunday Services

As a church family, we meet regularly through the week, you can find details on our calendar link below, but it’s twice on a Sunday and then through the week in smaller groups.  Sunday mornings start at 10:30 and last around an hour but we have tea and coffee after so it may be more like two before you choose to leave.  Sunday evenings start at 18:00, but again last about an hour with tea and coffee afterwards.

Our morning services tend to be less traditional in the main and we encourage folk to check what we’re saying against the Bible.  It will usually start with someone reading something from the Bible and then praying before we start a time of worship for 20 minutes or so.  Then someone will give a talk from the Bible for 30 minutes, when we’ll pray again and go back to a time of worship.  A collection is taken during the service, but this is mainly for the people who have made Mount Pleasant their home.  There’s no pressure to give although it is always welcomed.  We also encourage prayer for healing, or anything else that people would like prayed about; all done confidentially and without pressure.






We also have a kid’s club running from 10:30 to 12:00 in the hall next door, so if you do have kids then there’s a fun packed morning awaiting them with our team running Whizz Kids.  We do gather together from time to time; usually for Easter, Christmas, Harvest and some of the other important dates in the Christian calendar.

Evenings are a bit more traditional, usually with worship Songs or Hymns interspersed with readings, prayer and a sermon.  The sermon still lasts around half an hour and a collection is also taken.  All our services are led by a mix of men and women, most of whom are longer standing members of the congregation and have a recognised leadership gift.

We’ve been here for over 125 years although everything has been fully renovated!  Our main aim hasn’t changed though: it is still to help people get to know Jesus better as we seek to serve the community here in Cadoxton.  When you come to visit you’ll meet a mix of people from the surrounding area; we encourage any and all ages to come along from whatever background you happen to have.  If you want to find out more about what we believe the link above should make that clear, but if you have any questions please make contact and we’ll do our best to answer.

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