Ian, Cynthia, Justin & Lucy CHADWELL - Nepal

Dan, Rachel, Ben, Georgia & Rebeka HULLEY - Papua New Guinea


Ronaldo BALONADO - Philipines

AguAvivA - Brazil

Pushpan (Pushy) PAPPU - Indian people worldwide

Timoteo (Tiny) KUPPEN - Spain

Mervyn & Kim NEAL & Pastor Azad (Ram Bali Singh)- India

Jade JORDAN - Australia YWAM Far East

Ken IVESON working with Caleb Ministries


It would be great to hold these folk up in prayer as they seek to serve God and follow His leading.


Prayer requests from our Missionaries can be found in the weekly news sheets or contact Betty Iveson to find out how you can be more involved.


If you would like to donate to the missionary support fund, please contact Liz at treasurer@mountpleasantbaptist.org.uk



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