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…and Jesus said to them, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’ – Matt 21:13


There is always much to pray about, sometimes the challenge is focussing on just a few things - so the current prayer requests:


We live at atime of much stability in the UK and openess to the gospel.  Give God thanks for this peaceful time, the good things God has given us and the opportunity to serve Him wherever we find ourselves.

We are also grateful for God's provision as we seek to finish the repairs to the Community Hall.  Give God thanks for all He has done for us and that we are able to use the amazing facilities we have to serve Christ and the Community.

Prayer requests:

Pray for the newly elected Local Councillors that they would all hear the call of God on their lives to serve their communities well, to seek the good of the people under God's guidance.

Many in the church have been bereaved recently - pray for them as they grieve, that they would find God in the midst of their pain and loss.

Some are housebound - pray that they know God's strength and presence whilst unable to join with their church family for worship and prayer.  Also pray for opportunities to vist them that they may know not only God's care and compassion but ours also.

If you would like prayer personally then please make contact, either at a Sunday Service, our Prayer Meeting or by filling in the contact form on the website.



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